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Thanks for visiting us. We are just moving into this space. We officially launch the Radio GDR Podcast in November.

Please bookmark us and check back. In the meantime please do join our GDR Facebook group for lots of pre launch GDR/DDR discussion

Life in the former East Germany holds an ongoing fascination for a lot of people. Join us as we learn more about the former East Germany. Photos, news items, podcast reports, blog posts and more!

Radio German Democratic Republic is a blog and podcast designed to educate and inform on the life and times of East Germany. Radio GDR is hosted by Anke Holst who grew up in the GDR and Shane Whaley, a Brit, who has had a lifelong fascination with East Germany.

Disclaimer – we do not seek to glorify or revere the East German SED regime, we want to uncover and discuss the stories of East Germans who lived in the GDR. We will not be whitewashing this history but there are plenty of other places to discuss the Stasi and the repressive dictatorship of the GDR.

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  1. Stewart says:

    Just downloaded the podcasts and am looking forward to hearing them and possibly joining in with your discussions.

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