“Open Memory Box” 400+ Hours of East German Home Movies Go Online

Open Memory Box

After six years of work, we interview the producers behind Open Memory Box which encompasses 415 hours of home movies that 150 families made in East Germany between 1947 and 1990 The collection covers everything from birthday parties to burial, from May Day demonstrations to attempts to flee the country.

East Germany Podcast
East Germany Podcast

Professor Laurence McFalls(Political Science University of Montreal) and filmmaker Alberto Herskovits joins Radio GDR host Shane Whaley on the Radio GDR podcast, the worlds only English language podcast that focuses on East Germany.

They share with us :

  • How they met in 2011 whilst watching their daughters play football in East Berlin.
  • Their past work on the German Democratic Republic.
  • How they were inundated with home videos of everyday life in East Germany.
  • How they archived and categorized the videos.
  • What their main goal is behind Open Memory Box
  • How they were funded to the tune of over 500k Euro
  • And Much More!
Join our East Germany Facebook group to talk more about the GDR!
Join our East Germany Facebook group to talk more about the GDR!

Links and Resources Mentioned on Episode 11 of the Radio GDR podcast.

Open Memory Box – Access the videos and archive here.
Radio GDR Listeners Facebook Group

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