The Team They Love to Hate. Life as a Dynamo Berlin Fan (16)

Dynamo Berlin

Dynamo Berlin, the team they love to hate. Rarely will you read an article about the team from East Germany, without the Stasi being mentioned, usually in the same sentence.

Being a football nut, I have always wanted to chat with a BFC/Dynamo Berlin supporter. Many years ago I ventured to a Dynamo Berlin away game but with my poor German, and a lack of English from the Dynamo fans, there was no way I was going to find out more about life as a fan of one of the most hated football clubs in the DDR.

Dynamo Berlin

East Berlin-based Steve Winkler is a life long fan of Dynamo. The former producer at Radio Berlin International goes on the record to dispel some of the myths around Dynamo. He also describes the fan culture around Dynamo Berlin, from punks to right-wingers it appears that Dynamo, to its biggest fan, head of the Stasi, Erich Mielke.

Steve shares with us why he feels Dynamo Berlin’s playing achievements should be respected and were not down to being ‘owned’ by the Stasi. He goes on to tell us that some of its fans would even rip out the iconic D from the club badge to show their love for the club but not for the Stasi.

Dynamo Berlin
Steve Winkler tells us about his life supporting Dynamo Berlin.

We also discuss where BFC Dynamo Berlin are today, including the loss of the clubs’ original badge to a copyright squatter and then to the Hells Angels.

For more background information about Dynamo Berlin, please check out ‘The Darth Vaders of East German Soccer‘ on GDR Objectified.

Fancy a trip to watch the modern BFC/Dynamo Berlin check out this travel guide from our friend at OutsideWrite.

East Germany Podcast
East Germany Podcast
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