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How to Listen and Subscribe to Radio GDR – East Germany Podcast

What is a podcast exactly?

A podcast, simply put, is the downloadable equivalent of a radio show. Instead of having to set your radio to a certain station, worry about static, or rushing back to your house at 6pm precisely, you can listen to a podcast at your leisure. Podcasts can be produced by anyone  anywhere in the world armed with a microphone, a computer, a piece of software, and assorted gadgetry  and uploaded onto the internet for listening later.

The best part is they are FREE. Simply enjoy your download on your desktop, laptop, iPod, smart phone etc.


Subscribe to Radio GDR on Apple Podcasts/Itunes

Subscribe to Radio GDR on Apple Podcasts/Itunes

You can subscribe to the show via Apple Podcasts/Itunes here.

Listen to Radio GDR on Google and with Android.

If you are an Android user you can subscribe to us here.

For more help on subscribing to podcasts on your phone/tablet etc please check out this article on how to subscribe to podcasts written by our friends at Hubspot.