From Us to Me – with Director Ellin Hare

On this episode of the Radio GDR podcast, Ellin Hare talks to us about her documentary about everyday life in East Germany titled ‘From Us to Me.’  They become the only British film crew to make a documentary inside the German Democratic Republic. In November 1989, a year after the film’s release, the fall of the Wall signals the end of the GDR. 25 years later the British come back…..

From Us to Me 'Life in East Germany Then and now' Director Ellin Hare talks to the Radio GDR Podcast

From Us to Me ‘Life in East Germany Then and now’ Director Ellin Hare talks to the Radio GDR Podcast

Check out the trailer to From Us to Me (watch the movie and then come back to this interview with the Director Ellin Hare.)

Some of the areas of discussion in this episode of Radio GDR about ‘From Us to Me‘ include:

  • How did the idea for the movie come about?
  • How was the film funded?
  • Why Rostock?
  • How did Ellin Hare and her team go about selecting the families to profile and interview? (Were they suggested by the authorities or did you have free reign?)
  • What was the general reaction to Elli and the crew from the locals?
  • Was this Ellin’s first visit to the GDR? What were herr impressions and how did they compare to the image she had of the GDR beforehand
  • What was the reaction to the film from the families themselves.
  • What led Ellin to wanting to make essentially a second movie about the people from the first movie filmed in  1987?And Much More

Resources mentioned on this Episode of the Radio GDR Podcast

From Us to Me trailer

Watch From Us to Me 

More about the cast of From Us to Me

Ellin Hare – Amber Film Collective

From Us to Me – Q and A with Ellin Hare

Winfried Junge – prolific film and documentary maker in the GDR. Awarded the

Generation ’89 GDR documentary by Anke Ertner (english subtitles.) Highly recommended by Radio GDR Podcast co-host Shane.

Winter adé DDR 1987/1988 short film recommended by Ellin Hare -‘This groundbreaking documentary caused a sensation when it was premiered at the 1988 Leipzig International Documentary Film Festival. It undermined the official image of women in the GDR and challenged the East German claim to have achieved gender equality. At the same time, postulating a new independence, women talked about their lives more openly than had ever been filmed before. Ironically, the director was in the US touring with the film on the night when the Berlin Wall fell … exactly one year after its premiere.’

More at DEFA Film Website

You can rent and buy GDR era movies at the DEFA Store

Hansa Rostock – yes Shane had to get one football reference in.

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2 comments on “From Us to Me – with Director Ellin Hare

  1. Jim Jordan says:

    Despite it being made by a bunch of lefties ‘From Us to Me’ is a superior film which more than justifies its rental fee.
    The bit that deals with the Treuhandanstalt shows that there were loads of parallels going on at the same time between North Shields and Rostock. The demise of the Swan Hunter shipyard and the de-mutualisation of Northern Rock turning it into the time bomb it was later to become. We can only wish Sylvia and Christian the best of everything. A real thought provoking film whether you are interested in the GDR or not.

  2. Karl says:

    Thanks for putting this out! It’s a shame that this wonderful documentary will not be shown on public German state television anytime soon. German media is still quite selective when it comes to the wanted narrative of the GDR and the time of change.
    The documentary and also your wonderful interview with Ellin Hare left me in a quit emotional status. I loved the questions and how you’re doing this. Thank You!

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