East German football – The People’s Game: Football, State and Society in East Germany (8)

We talk East German football with author Alan McDougall.

East German Football
Alan McDougall, author of The People’s Game talks to Shane and JP all about East German Football.

On this episode of the Radio GDR podcast, hosts  Shane Whaley and  GDR Objectified‘s John Paul Kleiner talk East German football with author Alan McDougall.

There are not many English language books chronicling football in East Germany so we were delighted to chat with Alan. He is the author of  The People’s Game: Football State and Society in East Germany and he joins Radio GDR for a wide-ranging chat about all things East German football. His book was voted one of the Guardians Best Books for Sports in 2016.

East German Football
East German Football on Episode 8 of the Radio GDR Podcast

When three football and GDR history nerds get together, you are in for a conversation covering the many different facets of football in East Germany. Alan has agreed to come back for a ‘second leg’ because even though we chatted for over 70 minutes there are still plenty more topics we wanted to tackle.

Here are some of the topics we did cover on Episode 8 of Radio GDR, the worlds only English language all about East Germany.

  • Why did Alan McDougall write a book on East German football?
  • The birth of football in the German Democratic Republic. How the DDR Oberliga was formed before the new proclamation of the new republic even.
  • The chaos and confusion of the early days of the East German Oberliga, includes the restructuring and renaming of some East German football clubs.
  • The contested history around BFC – Dynamo Berlin and their ten straight Oberliga titles. Stasi influence or good management? (We will be soon talking to a Dynamo Berlin fan soon for the BFC fans view of this issue.)
  • Why many East German citizens and even SED members petitioned the GDR authorities over bias they felt was shown to Dynamo Berlin.
  • Why several Oberliga football referees were given twelve months banned.
  • What were East German players lifestyles like? What was the average salary of an Oberliga player?
  • How the player transfers worked.
  • How well attended were East German football games
  • Why a documentary which followed Union Berlin fans was canned in 89.

  • Which team would Alan McDougall have supported if he had grown up in the GDR.
  • And Much Much more.

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Join our East Germany Facebook group to talk more about the GDR!

Links and Resources Mentioned on this Episode of Radio GDR all about East German Football

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