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What is Radio GDR

Life in the former East Germany holds an ongoing fascination for many people.

Join us on the East Germany Podcast as we learn more about the former East Germany. Photos, news items, podcast reports, blog posts and more!

We discuss life in and share photos and news of the former German Democratic Republic. This is a historical site and does not glorify the former GDR. (Politically non-aligned.)

Your Hosts

Radio GDR is hosted and produced by Rostock native Anke Holst, Brit Shane Whaley and the US’s  Steve Minegar

Meet the Radio GDR Team

Co- Founder Shane Whaley


Shane Whaley co-host radio gdr podcast


A lifelong interest in the German Democratic Republic. The host of the Spybrary Podcast


If you are interested in featuring on the show or providing GDR-related content please do get in touch. Anke and I view Radio GDR as a collaboration with all those who are interested in the German Democratic Republic

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Co-Host – Steve Minegar

Steve Minegar is a keen student of GDR history. Listen to his what fascinates me about the GDR interview here.